We sell floor paints & coatings for residential and industrial premises and have an extensive range and cater for concrete, brick, tile, metal and wood.

With our in house mixing machines we can provide you with paint for any floor in any colour you like. We sell professional Road Marking paint, Flortred and chlorinated rubber in a variety of colours straight off the shelf.

  • Traffic Durable floor paints

    For light traffic, single pack solvent and water based paints are used and for heavier traffic areas such as warehouses with fork lift truck and vehicle usage, two pack solvent and water based paints would be needed.
    If required, anti-slip options are available with the addition of special aggregates and quartz.

  • Wooden floor paints application

    Wooden floors may also be coated with floor paint in single and two pack versions. In addition, for wooden floors clear coatings, floor varnishes are available. Particular attention needs to be paid to the special treatment required when painting new concrete and power floated floors. If you have a large area to be coated we recommend you give us a call for information and advice.

  • Associated products

    As well as floor paints themselves we can supply a whole range of repair products for use prior to the painting taking place. This range includes floor cleaners, etchers, toppers and levelling compounds. Clear sealers are available for dust proofing of concrete floors.