PPG Sigma Protective & Marine Coatings are heavy duty coatings used when the most important consideration is performance. Sigma are one of the world’s leading manufacturers with a great reputation for quality and technical service.
Typical uses include marine, offshore, pipelines, tank coatings, oil and gas – anywhere where the paint has to last a long time in a harsh environment.

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Our Own Brand Industrial Paints

We mix our own brand of industrial paints, primers, and top coats. The difference between protective coatings and light/general industrial paints is that although both are designed for the protection and decoration of (mainly) metal products/structures, protective coatings tend to be used when performance is the most important consideration (e.g on an oil rig) whereas industrial finishes are used when price and ease of use/application are more important.
We stock Zinc Phosphate primers in grey, red oxide, buff, white and black.
Industrial Gloss for brushing/rollering, High Speed Enamel, Primer/Finish and polyurethane coatings. All these are available in 0.5 Ltrs, 1 ltr, 2.5 ltrs or 5 ltrs.

We also sell International, Sherwin Williams and more.
If there is a brand you cannot see on our site please call us as we will assist you. If we cant get it for you we will find somebody who can.