• About Marine Paints & Coatings

    Marine coatings are used to give protection against water and moisture in various forms including Seawater, river water and the natural elements. Most commonly used are antifouling, Chlorinated rubber & coal tar epoxy coatings for below the water.

    The coatings we provide can be used on all boats and ships from the smallest riverboat to huge sea vessels, for the general public to multi national & International companies.

    The coatings can be applied to various substrates including Steel, Galvanised metal, GRP, concrete and Wood.

  • Our services

    We hold a variety of PU & alkyd topcoat marine paints in full, semi or matt gloss levels that can all be tinted to any BS/RAL colour.

    We offer a local; UK & European delivery service and accept all major credit cards.

    We urge you to call or email us with your requirements so we can specify the best paint for your needs. (sales@paintandsupplies.co.uk)

    We can offer the full range of Jotun, International & PPG products for Marine and Industrial use. Please see our gallery for examples of coatings used.

  • Sigma Coatings

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  • About sigma

    PPG Sigma Protective & Marine Coatings are heavy duty coatings used when the most important consideration is performance. Sigma are one of the world’s leading manufacturers with a great reputation for quality and technical service.
    Typical uses include marine, offshore, pipelines, tank coatings, oil and gas – anywhere where the paint has to last a long time in a harsh environment.

    To help you find the product that best suits you use the link below
    Sigma Coatings website