Good and careful preparation is the key to doing any job well. How ever great or expensive a top coat it is if it is sitting on top a poorly adhered primer or undercoat on a flaky, dirty or oily surface your paint system will not work. As a general rule make sure the surface you are painting onto is sound, lightly abraded and clean, but check what prep you need to do for the product you are using as it may differ. We sell products that will cover everything that you need to do before you start painting.

  • Our stock

    We have all the tools you could need in the painting process, and the kit to mask up and protect furniture and carpets while you are working.
    There are 3 main ways to apply the majority of our products, by brush, by roller or spraying. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.
    We stock quality brushes of all sizes, suitable for water based and oil based paints, and odd jobs. We have rollers of different sizes and grades from smooth to thick pile to suit the surface you are painting. If you are unsure which type you will need, just ask us. We stock a range of spray equipment including hoses, compressors and spray gun kits. Our newest items are the electric handheld spray guns which are proving very popular.

  • Safety precautions

    Painting is a messy job, and some paints contain chemicals you should not breathe in. Protecting yourself and your clothes is very important. We stock overalls, coveralls, masks, gloves, eye protection and more to make sure you are protected whilst painting.
    And when you are all finished we stock a range of products to help you clean up at the end of the day. Hand wipes, brush cleaners, rags and more.